Cruising Club of New England
Cruising the Waters of Eastern Long Island Sound and Beyond!

Annual Cruise - 2018

Join us as we sail the waters of Western Long Island Sound!
August 5th - 11th

2018 Cruise News

Fleet Captain: Elliot Storm  s/v Sybaris

  1. Citifield Baseball Game!
    Please see this important announcement about the 2018 cruise!
  2. Cruise Itinerary
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  1. Cruise Registration Form
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2018 Cruise Schedule
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  1. August 4
    Manhasset Bay
    Early Arrivals
  1. August 5
    Citifield/Manhasset Bay
    Sail to Citifield for Baseball Game
  2. August 6
    City Island or Manhasset Bay
  3. August 7
  4. August 8
    Oyster Bay
  5. August 9
    Oyster Bay
    Lay Day
  6. August 10
    North Port
    Wind Up Dinner
  7. August 11
    North Port