Cruising Club of New England
Cruising the Waters of Eastern Long Island Sound and Beyond!
2019 Cruise Photos
The Carpe Diem Cruise, RI & MA
  1. In Memory of Joe Kaplowe
    In Memory of Joe Kaplowe
  2. Some of the Fleet
    Some of the Fleet
  3. App Contest Winner
    App Contest Winner
  4. Appetizer Contest
    Appetizer Contest
  5. Notre Amour
    Notre Amour
  6. Sea Deuce
    Sea Deuce
  7. Dinghy Drift
    Dinghy Drift
  8. Dinghy Drift
    Dinghy Drift
  9. Battleship Cove
    Battleship Cove
  10. Battleship Cove
    Battleship Cove
  11. "Fishing"
  12. Big Al, Little Al
    Big Al, Little Al
  13. Dutch Harbor
    Dutch Harbor
  14. Safe Travels from the Fleet Captain
    Safe Travels from the Fleet Captain
  15. New Burgee for Elliot
    New Burgee for Elliot
  16. Elliot on Guitar
    Elliot on Guitar
  17. Dinghy Race Winner
    Dinghy Race Winner
  18. The Cove
    The Cove
  19. Title 20
    Title 20
  20. At the Brewery
    At the Brewery
  21. Dinghy Fun
    Dinghy Fun
  22. Dinghy Fun
    Dinghy Fun
  23. Prizes!
  24. Brewery
  25. Title 28
    Title 28
  26. Battleship Cove
    Battleship Cove
  27. Northstar
  28. Sunset
  29. Dutch Harbor
    Dutch Harbor
  30. Club Picnic
    Club Picnic
  31. Club Picnic
    Club Picnic
  32. Good Company
    Good Company
  33. Club Picnic
    Club Picnic
  34. Yolo
  35. Sea Deuce on Sub
    Sea Deuce on Sub
  36. Rafted
  37. Fall River Walk About
    Fall River Walk About
  38. Dutch Harbor
    Dutch Harbor
  39. DeWolf Tavern Wind Up Lunch
    DeWolf Tavern Wind Up Lunch
  40. Fleet Captain in the Cove
    Fleet Captain in the Cove
  41. Canned Heat
    Canned Heat
  42. Battleship Cove
    Battleship Cove

Cruising the waters and visiting the shores of Rhode Island and Massachusetts!